Red Poll Cattle a Rare Heritage Breed with Genetics for Tenderness, Efficiency & Finishing on Grass.

Red Poll Cattle Genetics for Sustainable Rangeland
& Conservation Grazing Programs!

This Heritage Breed has feed efficency, tenderness & can finish on grass for Healthy Grass Fed Beef!
  • We do sell out weaning steers early. We expect to have a few heifers and bred cows for sale in the fall!

    The Queen of England has a herd - wonder why?
    If it is good enough for the Queen, well that does say alot about the eating quality.

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    January 2011 featured Savior Magazine
  • How about a steak like this one, well marbled steak, finished on grass!

    Savior Magazine page 46 in January 2011 - wrote about the steaks.

    What's for dinner?

    Grass-fed Red Poll Steers healthy & quality meat.

    The fat is butter like says those who have eaten their steaks.

    Grass finishing traits is again becoming important.
    Now there is strong consumer interest in grass fed beef for health reasons.
    Consumers want wholelistic and humane handling of animals that are used for food.
    Consumers want no antibotics, no growth hormones and no GMOs.
    It is easier to achieve humane handling with calm cattle.
    Calm cattle do not get stressed easily thus do not get stress related deseases as easy as high strung animals.
    Consumers are asking about country of origin
    Consumers are not happy about all the cattle imports from Mexico and other South America countries as concerned over food safety.
    CAPOW has sent in concerns over impact of loopholes in laws Country of Origin should mean born in the USA not feed here for over 12 months.
    See CAPOW site for more on their concerns over food safety issues and FMD.

    Will this heritage breed, Red Poll cow or bull, work for you?

    Raising your own beef?

  • Have a small ranchette?

  • Looking for easy to handle, calm animals?

  • Need outcross genetics for crossbreds to add hybred vigor?

  • Want strong inherited traits like efficiency(40%),Grade on grass(44%), ribeye size(69%), tenderness(60%)?

  • Do you want to run more cows, so you have more calves, so you get more pounds?

  • Want more pounds, a means to more profit, but you need to do it on the same pasture land you now have?

  • Red Poll Steers gained as a group averaged 2.88 pounds a day weaning to slaughter for one steer customer in 2012.

  • Do you think grass finishing genetics could be important in the future?

  • Did you know DNA testing indicates some Red Poll have extraordinary feed efficiency?

  • Do you think there is a trend for grass finishing as a healthier protein option?

  • Did you need animals that even a novice can work or handle?

  • Do you think moderate sized beef cattle fit sustainable operations or do better in range or rotational pasture systems?

    (If you answered yes to any of the above?)

    You need to consider Red Poll Beef cattle for your feeder program, replacement heifers or next bull!

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  • Basic Information about Red Poll Cattle
  • Moderate Framed Efficiency and udder is important to good calf raising confirmation

    Here is a history published by Red Poll Association 1 Pages click Here to view file.
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    Link to our classified ad Red Poll Bull 4 Sale not posted- we have one senior proven bull for sale $3000. See reference sire link our Red Poll Cattle Bulls for Sale - Commercial & Herd Information